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Core Members

Hanson Bomb

Founder / e-Commerce & Marketing Director

Eve Liu
Product Manager / Graphic Designer
Lin, Tzn-Thou

Magic & IT Consultant

Japanese Consultant / Customer Service
Store Manager / Order Fulfillment
Kete Moon
Playing Cards Collector / Photographer
Kalmarr Lam [Hong Kong]
TOEIC Tutor / Percussionist / Vocalist


Alvin Herp [Vietnam]
Chen, Yang-Pei [Taiwan]
Master Handcraft / Magic Artist
Edo Huang [Indonesia]
Magician / Card Desginer
Fionn Jordan [UK]
British Illustrator
Cardist Group
Cardist Group
Epoch Cardists
Cardist Group


We are people of boiling blood: everyone in this team is talented and constantly pursue perfection. We gather by friendship, but attach great importance to each other’s speciality to perfect our imagination as a crew. All productions here are the dearest babies of us, therefore, we hope that there will be more and more foreign people like you to see and make good use of them.

Our History

Start Branding
.2007: Studio founded; focused on the study of performing magic.
.2009: Started to make connection with foreign companies of magic industry.
.2010: Took focus on collection class of playing cards.
.2012: Released the very first custom card clip by Joe Proper in Taiwan. (Actually, Joe said it should be the first in Asia.)
.2013: Released the original distinctive leather card clip and the first English online store.
Official Website Expansion
.2014/02: Cordovan clip released as “Horse”, the third representative clip coming after “Dragon” and “Snake” in Chinese Zodiac series; Stingray clip released.
.2014/05: Held the first Online Poker Flourishes Video Competition; Chosen works published on this site and makes the site became the Taiwan’s first multifunctional website which allowed people downloading tutorial video.
.2014/06: Website became the world’s first multilingual Poker and Magic related store which supported Chinese, English and Japanese.
.2014/08: Website integrated with Alipay and became the first Poker and Magic related store which supported all common digital payments including Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AE, UnionPay and Alipay.
.2014/09: Threw the work of NONO, a Taiwanese magician, into international market; the work was also in the list of Top50 magic trick DVDs of the year.
.2014/12: Back to the market of magic instrument; expanded the online store in various manners.
Commodity Market Expansion
.2015/02: Launched the first mixed leather clip. By weaving the cow leather with the goat leather, which represented the year of Goat, we made a great-looking clip with practical sense.
.2015/06: Upgraded and provided multiple payment options in our web store for customer’s convenience. Integrated our website with varied social platforms website, including Twitter, Instagram and some biggest China Blogger platforms.
.2015/08: We had designed for eight months and released the first “fully custom-made” Kete Moon Deck in Taiwan. Our brand started recognised by America and Europe market.
.2016/02: Launched the brand representative work: Bomber Series Playing Cards. Its breakthrough in quality, handling, and the high-class elegant package made it the milestone of Taiwan playing cards manufacturing business.
.2016/02: The work of the year of Monkey: Monkey King Clip. It was noted as “the most creative leather clip” ever since the sample got out. Provided the new standard of functional and practical quality in clip market.
.2016/03: BPCC (Bomber Playing Card Co.) formally established, fully responsible for playing cards design, manufacture, sale and so on.
.2017/01: BPCC (Bomber Playing Card Co.) become a part of TWPCC (Taiwan Playing Card Co.) and keep cooperating with other brands/artists to produce high-quality decks.
.2017/02: BOMBMAGIC has been extending the variety of goods to match the slogan: “Born for Magic, Beyond the Magic” for 10th anniversary. There are lots of different products will be released in this year.

.Current: Massively extending the product catalogue.

Our Worldwide Customers (In-Store Only):


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