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Updated October 01, 2016


Something goes wrong. I can’t sign up and check out. How can I make the purchasing?

First confirm the registration through the confirmation email, then login and change the password to finish the registration. If you have trouble for finding the confirmation email, please look in the Spam of your email service. Otherwise, you may use other social platform accounts for Quick Login. (facebook, etc.)

Is it safe to provide my personal information for registration and credit card information while check out?

We have tested the system over and over to make sure its security. Anything including your name, email address, credit information, address, phone number and password is in top secret; we will never disclose the information and use them in any other purpose. In addition, our website adopts third-person payment platform such as Paypal, so we can not access to your credit card information by all means


Some products have written “Available on backorder”. What does it mean?

Products with the caption of “Available on backorder” are pre-order products, which we need to order from the manufacturer. Otherwise, it would be the products that will not be manufactured until you make an order; It generally takes one or two weeks to proceed and deliver.

Why can’t I check out while the quantity of goods in stock is enough for my order?

This may cause by other uncompleted payment from other customers. When customers choose other payment method, specifically, remittance or CVS, the quantity of goods will be suspended until the payment done. The deduction of the quantity will be applied once the payments get completed, or get expired.

You inform me that the order is getting canceled because some goods have got the wrong pricing. What if I don’t want to cancel the order?

Before customers making any purchase in our store, they agreed that our store reserves the right to terminate any order due to the mistaken pricing. More widely, our store can decide to terminate any order if we want to.

▲ For consumers from China, if you ordered any your pre-order products, please make sure you pay through Alipay Direct Payment. If we’re running out of supply or you’ve ordered one of those products  which we only start manufacturing it after receiving an order, then we won’t ship any products until we receive your payment, otherwise we’ll cancel your order directly.

▲ For consumers from China, if you choose to pay by Alipay Escrow Payment, but the address doesn’t match with the one you gave us, In order to avoid any disputes, we’ll reject your order directly.

May I revise the order after paid?

Once the order is in processing, we do NOT accept any revised to protect the right and interests of both parties.


The custom officers in our country work very hard and devote themselves to collect taxes. Can you under-invoice the package’s value for me to pay less for the taxes?

You may add notes about the package’s value that you want us to write when checkout. If not, we will write the true value. We will do our best to the packaging and provide the safest delivery method for it. You must agree that, we are not responsible for every package that damage/lost in the mail, or is blocked by the custom service. You need to contact your local custom yourself and hold every responsibility by your own. We take your order and do our best for the service, but we do not take the responsibility after all shipment proceeded.

If the package is returned?

Once we send out your package, the order has been completed. If any mistakes that cause the package be returned, we will try our best to provide extra services. But please NOTE, you also have response to pay the charge of returned shipping which be defined by your living country. That means you need to pay DOUBLE for shipping with returned and re-send.

For completed order, we do NOT accept revised. The parcel possibly changed by any reasons, or even opened by local Customs inspection, so we couldn’t take any risk and resend directly. Sometimes, it might be dumped, please re-order again if the parcel missing.

I have waited for days. The order status shows no sign of completion. Is the order fully shipped?

If the goods are in stock, it will take 1-3 working day to proceed the order.

I have waited for quite a long time and didn’t receive any notification. What should I do?

If there is any goods that noted as backorder, you should beware that they may be overseas purchasing goods. If the provider has insufficient stock, we have to cancel the order and refund your money. Taiwanese customers should ask us for the availability before they purchase this kind of goods. 


How to download our items?

You will receive an order confirmation email right after purchase. There is a hyperlink which will take you to your purchased item directly at the bottom of the email. You may also log in your account, go to “My Account”, find “Downloads” for all of your purchased items.

Is there any times limitation for downloading a single item?

There is no any limitation when order placed after October 2016, but before that date you may download a free item for 3 times and a purchased items for 6 times. No expiry day. “Download” in “My Account” area will show you how many times of all items you can still download.

How do I watch the tutorial video in “e-market” if I can’t download the video through my phone or tablet?

If you are the user of Apple iOS, you may download the video through your computer and save it into your iOS device. Note that all the video in our store are steaming video playback, you can watch them anytime when you have internet connection. For more detail, please visit the Download Instructions.

Returns Policy

May I ask to refund if my package is returned?

Sorry, but we do not accept any refund ask for returned package. If buyers always ask refund because of personally regret which are really big problems for us on selling.  There are many risks of returned package we need to undertake including any damage of products, unpacked by local Customs inspection or parcels missing.  And we are not sure those returned products can be sold again, or possibly missed already.  There are two situation that we think of the buyers for sent parcels, one is buyers received, and another is not received.

So we provide two options for returned parcels: A) Cancel the order and NO refund. B) Buyers pay DOUBLE for shipping (returned & resend), and need to take risk of the situation for original items state inside. We can’t promise your Custom had been opened or not.

I have ordered your items from another reseller. Can I do the refund or exchange here?

We only accept refund or exchange for the products purchased from our store. You may ask for refund or exchange within 15 days after all the shipment proceeded. (Taiwan local order would be 7 days after the receive of the package.)

I receive a crushed playing cards, how do I claim for the damage?

Playing card being pressed is inevitable during the delivery. We have already done our best to pack our playing cards, therefore, we won’t accept replacement if the cards inside are in fine condition. Yet if both of the outer box and the cards inside were badly damaged, please take photos of the damaged playing card and send these photos to us, replacement is guaranteed in this situation. Please be aware, we won’t accept replacement if the goods is purchased from rummage sale, promotion sale or with any kind of discount.

I have purchased the downloadable tutorial material but can not download it from anywhere. Can I ask for refund?

After you make the purchasing, you may download the material directly from the notification email or from “My Account” in our website. There are free samples in our store. We recommend you to try download them first to make sure about the availability. Due to the sensitive nature of instruction material, return or refund are not available.


How can I get a profile picture on BOMBMAGIC?

Just sign up our website with your facebook account and authorize us to access your profile picture. Your profile picture in this site will renew spontaneously once you change your profile picture on facebook. Your profile picture will appear in the aright column and every page that you have given comment.

If you have already owned an account, sign in and change your email address into the one used to logging in facebook. You will have your profile picture once you connect facebook to your account.

Why some products do not have translation?

The selection of our products is many and varied, limited to our manpower, we now only provide multilingual translation for our exclusive products. Introduced products only serve with original text.

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