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BPCC (Bomber Playing Card Co.) / TWPCC (Taiwan Playing Card Co.)

In 2016, we’ve officially setup up a brand new company, Bomber Playing Card Co., which is separated from BOMBMAGIC and take full charge of the production process, such as printing, designing, receiving the orders, and so on. BOMBMAGIC takes care of the rest, the distribution and retail. Apart from those original playing cards on our website, we’ve actually produced many other playing cards here in Taiwan as well.

At the beginning of 2017, BPCC (Bomber Playing Card Co.) become a part of TWPCC (Taiwan Playing Card Co.) and keep cooperating with other brands/artists to produce high-quality decks. If you’re interested in decks with the best quality, feel free to contact us for the cross-border cooperation. Please send us your draft proposals or your designing ideas, and we’ll make sure to make your final product stand out.

The website will launch soon! Send your cross-border proposals to:

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