Sherlockian (2 DVD Set) by Ben Cardall and Titanas Magic

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This page is also available in: Chinese (Traditional) Japanese

Today’s audiences crave for something modern and current. That is precisely what you get with this dvd set Ben Cardall, being a cross between Sherlock Holmes, Dr house and a cousin we all wish we had, can provide you with exactly that! From knowing the contents of your spectators pockets, to what they do for a living, to becoming a human lie detector. 

In age where the ability to read people is king, Ben provides you with the material to show your audiences that you can! 


3 truths and a lie: 
Propless lie detection. Simple! 

Speed Deduction: 
A system that allows to deduce whatever information you like from your spectator as well as a thought of card 

The psychometric system: 
A system that will allow to know the contents of your spectators pockets 

A borrowed memorised deck routine where you give your spectator these memory powers at the end 

Through the telling of a Sherlock story you demonstrate your uncanny powers of deduction 

Solve any murder mystery your spectator sets you 

Sensory Perception: 
Use your senses and the spectators to have one person feel another’s thoughts 

3 point problem: 
Seemingly help your spectator immediately solve and feel better about any problem 

The Twitches Theory: 
Read the face of your spectators to read their memories 

Becoming The Man: 
Give any spectator the incredible powers of sherlock instantly


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