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It is not just selling you a deck, but the behind stories. To identify the characteristics of Dong Son and Ngoc Lu drums: the multi-pointed star in the middle of the drum represents the Sun God of the ancient Vietnam, and this is why the name of the deck called CORONA – it means halo – ring of light around the sun! We look forward you to real touching the decks, feeling our hard working, and not to treating it just another collection away your life.

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Behind the Stories

It’s original a small project from iV – an organization about cardistry & sleight of hand in Saigon, Vietnam. They want to use the deck of cards to spread cardistry into the community with Vietnamese long-life culture on the design. The idea is made up of something unique, traditional, and brings back the characteristics of the Ancient Culture in Vietnam. Therefore, we’ve chosen the Dong Son culture which was a Bronze Age culture in Viet. Highly decorated on the designs of Ngoc Lu and Son drums present a sea-oriented society, taking some details on them: human figures, triangles, Viet birds with a long-tailed, deers, circle-life, animals, the sun. There are several lines out from the center of design which means the sun. Everything would be connected and stylized to present on the box, the back, and the faces, bringing some inspiring and elegant with a modern twist.


Since 2014, Corona Playing Cards has been designed by Khanh also known as Tuyệt Duyệt – illustrator & graphic designer with unique handcrafted illustration based in Saigon, Republic of Vietnam. And yes, he is a cardist and have been doing cardistry for 7 years now. Now BOMBMAGIC & Taiwan Playing Cards CO. collaborate with iV and Khanh to make the project more complete to a Full Amazing Collection Work!


The Dong son culture inspired Corona Playing Cards with their circles, triangles, Viet birds, deers,… on Ngoc Lu and Dong Son bronze drumsThe origin of Dong Son drum and Ngoc Lu drum is the name of two typical drum types for Dong Son Culture (700-100 B.C.) in Vietnam. Many drums with huge sizes, well-proportioned, and their perfect shapes have shown a very high level of skill and art, especially the motifs described on drums, showing their activities of the people in the old time, expressed many things in Vietnamese legends.


Identification characteristics of Dong Son and Ngoc Lu drums: the multi-pointed star in the middle of the drum represents the Sun God of the ancient Vietnam, and this is why the name of the deck called CORONA – it means halo – ring of light around the sun! There are human figures, animals and geometric patterns around the star. The common geometric pattern isthe small dotted line, the plain thread, the circle dot between the tangent, the concentric circle between the tangent, the pattern, the serrated pattern and the parallel short line. Some pictures have shown the Viet people when they were dancing, pounding rice, and also some warriors on the boat.


And the next to animals like Viet birds with a long-tailed, deers, and some types of tropical animals,… The drum body is usually shaped like a boat, a warrior figure, an animal figure, and the rest are geometric patterns. The bronze drums, which can be used like a percussion instrument for helping the ancient Vietnamese to notice the calendar and the seasons of the year. Also, it looks like a symbol of the power for an old leaders.

The Box Design

The details of the tuck case will be embossed on all the sides and added some golden cold foil on the paper. These are also the very first cold foil printing works from Taiwan Playing Cards Company. People will see how luxury and classic, the beauty of golden foil with embossed had retained some of its elegance. It will be wonderful when you collect or display in your collections. Certainly, that would be great to see it at the first sight of eyes for anything you want to do, not only for cardistry or make magic videos.

The Back Design

Now let’s take a closer look at the back design of the card with fours Viet birds flying around the rhombus, the circles, triangles, deers,… you will see more about the characteristic details of Dong Son culture on it. Corona Playing Cards will be printed by Taiwan Playing Cards CO. using the newest improved Vintage Stock and Legendary Finish.

The Aces & The Court Cards

The suits in Corona Playing Cards are full-customized from the drum elements. The most different is Ace of Spades, the design is based on golden ratio.


We’ve also designed and customized court cards, classic but contemporary in nature. It doesn’t look like anything playing cards have seen before. No bordersno current standard faces, and yes, special with some “new weapons”. The concept is these court cards are real persons from iV group. Their new weapons are all their current jobs and skill elements. The idea is the cardistry group want to present and play the cards for throwing back to the ancient age. Can you name who is it on the court cards?

It is not only just on the faces and the back design, but also the patterns with small details on Dong Son and Ngoc Lu drums. Here are the circles, lines, triangles and more. Take a closer look the details in the deck.  We also have the CORONA Wooden Collection (Prototype Set) limited available to support and respect all of the designers, craftsmen, publishers, and marketers in the all team! Collect full of your collection to write down the history together with us.



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